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Leverage the potential of know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance to gain a strong competitive edge. Enhance your business operations with advanced digital KYC solutions that enable seamless customer onboarding and enhance fraud detection capabilities, all while optimizing costs. As a trusted KYC provider, we offer cutting-edge automated KYC checks and identity verification solutions. Partner with one of the top KYC solution providers to enjoy the benefits of a robust KYC platform and position yourself among the best KYC providers in the industry.

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Identity Verification

Efficient and Comprehensive Identity Verification Solutions: Leverage Award-Winning Document and Biometric Verifications, Trusted Data Sources, and Passive Fraud Signals for Seamless Customer Onboarding. Discover the Power of the Real Identity Platform to Accelerate User Onboarding Across Iceland.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Streamline KYC Compliance and Seamless Onboarding with the Real Identity Platform: Ensuring Non-Negotiable Identity Verification and Due Diligence for Iceland. Simplify Proof of Address, PEPs and Sanctions Screening, Adverse Media Checks, and Ongoing Monitoring.

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Anti-money Laundering (AML)

Safeguard Your Business: Ensure Accurate and Reliable Customer Identity Verification to Combat Fraud and Navigate Anti-Money Laundering Compliance, Mitigating Reputational and Financial Risks.


Fulfill KYC Compliance Requirements with Ease

Efficiently Manage KYC Workflows Tailored to Meet Regulatory Standards and Risk Tolerance. KYC Iceland Empowers You to Customize Verification Journeys, Balancing User Convenience and Security in Alignment with Geographically-Specific Regulations. Seamlessly Route Users to Appropriate Verifications Based on Risk Level, Ensuring Expedited Processing for Low-Risk Customers and Rigorous Verification Flows for High-Risk Individuals.


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Banking and Finance

Optimize Customer Onboarding: Enhance the Seamless Experience by Streamlining Your Onboarding Process.

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Strengthen Security and Trust in Your Cryptocurrency Exchange through Cutting-edge Identity Verification Solutions

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Border Security Customs

Efficient and Accurate Traveler Verification Services: Strengthening Border Security and Customs Operations

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Mitigating Fraud Risks and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: The Benefits of Identity Verification Services for Businesses

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Retail & ECommerce

Safeguarding E-Commerce: Effective Fraud Prevention Solutions for Retail Businesses

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Age Restricted Commerce

Ensuring Compliance and Safety: Online Verification Solutions for Age-Restricted Commerce

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Safeguarding Patient Privacy and Combating Healthcare Fraud: The Importance of Identity Verification in Healthcare Organizations

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Enhancing Security and Trust in the Insurance Industry: Comprehensive Solutions for Identity Fraud Prevention and Seamless Policyholder Onboarding

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Online Gaming

Expanding Reach: Fast, Secure, and Compliant User Verification Solutions for Gaming Companies

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Building Trust and Market Share: Trusted ID Verification Solutions for Telcos with Effective Fraud Management

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